5 Meaningful Ways to Include Your Dog in your Wedding

Wedding season has arrived. If you’re preparing to marry the love of your life, consider incorporating your “first child”, and the most beloved family member on your wedding day. You know the one we’re talking about, with four legs, cuddly fur and floppy ears? The one who loved you unconditionally while you were single and living the life of a bachelor? Here are five simple ways to include your pooch in your nuptials.

Include them in the proposal

By getting your dog to pop the question, it may be near impossible to say no to that adorable face.

Have your dogs in the wedding party

One of the best ways to ensure they’re a part of the celebration is to have them in the wedding party. Especially if you have two pups, dub one as the Dog of Honour and the other as Best Dog to stand by the bride and groom during the ceremony.

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer


Let your pup be the ring bearer or have him or her be the guide for the flower girls with this intricate flower and greenery “leash”.

Include them in your wedding photos

When one becomes two – then three, and (in this case four), capture the day with a family photo of both bride and groom and your beloved pets.

Save the Date

If having your dogs at the actual wedding ceremony may cause undesirable stress, a thoughtful way to have them celebrate is to share the announcement with your family and friends with a Save the Date photo opp.

Photography by: Pinterest, Photography by Ann Roberts, Laura Marchbanks Photography, Lacie Hansen Photography, Tiffany Medrano Photography, MD Turner Photography.