Fashion Helps Yulin Rescues Get Adopted

Dog Tales welcomed 63 dogs into their sanctuary in King City, Ontario. Dog Tales’ 50-acre sanctuary has green fields, rolling hills, a wooded area, and kilometres of walking trails. There is plenty of room for these dogs to stretch their paws. The 63 were saved from the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China. 110 dogs were saved in total by Humane Society International from this controversial festival.

As we know, Canadian winters are cold and unpredictable. To help keep these fur babies warm while awaiting adoption, Hotel Doggy sent 63 sweaters to Dog Tales Rescue. Each rescue received an extra layer of love and comfort.


Feeling happy, and good about yourself can start with something as simple the clothes that you wear. This doesn’t just apply to humans, but to dogs as well.  The colours that we wear are also a great way to stand out, and to express ourselves. Rescues Sophie, Dexter, and Petra were featured on the Dog Tales Instagram page wearing three of our sweaters to show off their personalities and style.

Sporting their Hotel Doggy attire has helped these adorable rescues get noticed…and adopted! Many potential forever family members have voiced their interests in adopting these furry models identifying them by the colour of their sweater. It’s only a matter of time before all 63 stylish pups find their forever homes.