Maker Break: Fall Fashion Trends 2016

I’m a city dude. I’ll always be a city dude. I like a minimal, modern look. At Hotel Doggy, that’s how we roll. But while urban sophistication (with a sense of humour) will always be our starting point, every season we like to tap into the zeitgeist to see what comes up, and right now we’re having a Maker moment. Who knows how these things begin? Maybe we’re all just tech-weary. Maybe we just need to return to our roots and throw on something worn and authentic for a change. Maybe it just comes down to a craving for leather patches and Navajo-inspired patterns. Whatever the reason, the artisanal look turned my head in a big way this season: It’s rugged. It’s real.

Molly-GreySweaterSteve-the-Boston-Terrier-Wearing-HD-Vegan-LeatherJacketpg34-hoteldoggystudio4980               Hershey-PettyCoat

It’s the urban chien reborn as the hipster pupster. We have other treats for you, too, of course: denim pupsters for back-to-doggie-daycare, sweaters (pop art to classic Breton), and our much-loved stylish, high-performance parkas, now coming to you in a dazzling array of neon brights. What can I say? Those dog day afternoons just got a whole lot more fashion-forward.